Our Mission

Over the past 10 years, Nicholas and Ross have re-homed 6 Pugs in total. Plus Lottie the Miniature Schnauzer, this is quite impressive since they live in a tiny cottage on the outskirts of Tatton Park in Knutsford!
Their passion and mission is simple. They love all animals, not just dogs. If they could, they would adopt all different animals and have a massive eclectic "Grumble" But 5 dogs is their limit!
The boys want their small business to make a difference to the world. So Nicholas & Ross have made a pledge that every 3 months, they will adopt one animal from the wonderful WWF. 
Each animal adopted will be named and illustrated, updates given on their progress and warmly welcomed into TG&C.

Not only will you be supporting a small British business by purchasing their products, but you will also be making the lives of wild and endangered animals happier and safer.


Follow TG&C's journey with this apt hashtag on Instagram @thegrumbleandco
The Grumble & Co. #thentherewerenonewww.WWF.org.uk